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Travis Patelle – Board Room

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Travis Patelle – Board Room

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Travis Patelle – Board Room

Travis Patelle – Board Room

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Take your business to the next level…

Hey there,

My name is Travis Petelle and I want to welcome you to The Boardroom.  This is my collective effort to bring you an inside look at what I’m doing with my conglomerate holdings company, MB3.

From the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I knew building an empire was my goal.  I’ve been following that path for over 10 years now and it is constantly coming to fruition every step we take.

At this point, we have multiple businesses running at full steam with multiple teams of employees.  All of these assets are going to come in handy for you…

I’ve put together the Boardroom so that you may surpass many of the roadblocks that I’ve seen and hit over those past 10 years.  Inside, you’ll see everything we’re doing to build an empire in real time so that you can apply the same techniques and strategies to yours.

Thank you for being here and now, allow me to show you why this membership is going to be worth every penny for your business.

As a Boardroom member, here are just a few of the great perks you’ll receive…

– Discover the secrets that are working with monthly training events that cover everything from business models, traffic strategies, product opportunities, and anything else that I think would be helpful to your business…

– Get an inside look at our weekly MB3 team meetings so that you’ll see exactly how we make the magic happen with multiple teams of employees across multiple brands…

– Receive access to our monthly digital ezine publication, The KingPinner, which shares a multi-perspective view of the internet marketing industry…

– Monthly member giveaways for fan favorite prizes like event tickets, flight tickets, free training courses, apparel, and all sorts of other goodies…

– 10% Discount on Kingpinning apparel and select training…


– Tons more good stuff as I think of more things you’d benefit from…

Get Travis Patelle – Board Room on right now!

Now, here’s what you need to do next… Click the buy button directly below and join this awesome group of super entrepreneurs that are all here to take their business to the next level.

July’s Training Event –

Precision Advertising Funnels

Watch as I build out a complete Precision Advertising Funnel on Facebook…

Letting Facebook take the reigns on a super broad audience for your every day product isn’t working as well as it used to and it’s going to be getting tougher and tougher as time goes by.  Time to take control of optimizing your audience…

Welcome Precision Advertising Funnels to the rescue!

Instead of trying to get every single viewer to purchase your product from the first time they see your business, show them the message they’re ready for and move these potential buyers one step at a time through your desired funnel.

In this month’s private Boardroom training event, I create a Precision Advertising Funnel live in front of your eyes.  Watch the video here for a teaser first 10 minutes of that training.  You can get a good idea of what we’re doing to accomplish better costs, more sales, and a great community for every business applied.

June’s Training Event –

E-Commerce Email Marketing Funnels

Get a close up look at exactly how I utilize the most lucrative audience we have…

The money is in the list… it’s very true.  Especially when you know how to use an email list effectively and that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in this training event.

The 3 MUST HAVE Email Funnels Your Business Needs

I’ll breakdown a live example of one of our niches and all the email funnels we are using on a regular basis to consistently drive hot leads into our business.  You’ll get a look at not only how we convince prospects and convert them into buyers… but even more importantly, how we convert previous buyers into huge lifetime value customers.

May’s Training Event –

Facebook Advertising in 2017

Discover the key strategies I’m applying this year…

Here’s a hint… they are completely different then the strategies that worked for me in 2016.  2017 has already been a record breaking year… so looks like Facebook is coming along!

3 Phases To Massive Sales

We break down our advertising into 3 phases for every product…. Testing, The Foundation, Scaling.  In this training event, you’ll get to see multiple case studies and examples sharing these 3 phases in great detail.

Boardroom members receive automatic access to this training event along with every monthly training event that is hosted.  These training events are known to change a business plan for the better.  Just take a look at what some of my past participants have said…

Get Travis Patelle – Board Room on right now!
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