David Nicol – Building Group Subtle Fields


David Nicol – Building Group Subtle Fields

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Expand your ability to access higher realms, and venture beyond your solo meditation or prayer practice to work with group energy fields.


David Nicol – Building Group Subtle Fields

David Nicol - Building Group Subtle Fields

Expand your ability to access higher realms, and venture beyond your solo meditation or prayer practice to work with group energy fields.
Explore exciting frontiers of spiritual transformation with other pioneers at the leading edge of meditation and collective intention.

Have you felt called to move beyond your personal transformative practice into realms of group experiences and expanded collective impact?

Does your heart ache to make a difference in the many challenges humanity faces?

Moving from “me” to “we” consciousness is at the heart of an historic evolutionary shift taking place on our planet today.

Whether the playing field is business, sports, the arts or nonprofits, the development of coherent, collaborative and impactful groups is proving vital for achieving breakthrough outcomes.

More significantly, the shift to conscious group formation is necessary for us to access the collective wisdom needed to respond effectively to the unprecedented scale and complexity of the challenges we face as a species.

This shift is showing up in the realms of personal and spiritual growth in the form of new technologies designed specifically to awaken the potentials of group consciousness.

Higher levels of creativity, intuitive intelligence, love, purpose, courage and will can all be accessed through developing and nurturing the subtle field that underlies any group.

In all these ways and more, the group field can serve as a profound source of support for personal evolution.

It can also be applied for the benefit of society.

There’s a growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows we have an ability to affect things at a distance — from the power of prayer… to measurable effects of global meditations… to the ability of shamans, yogis and qigong masters to heal others from afar.

A new wave of research on phenomena like the Maharishi Effect, which contributed to reductions in crime rates in parallel with group meditations, and experiments like the Global Consciousness Project are providing evidence that consciousness work can and does create positive social change.

The challenge is, though, that one person can only do so much alone. Only when we harness the power of group fields do we gain access to a more powerful lever for positive change — including the ability to use ritual, intention and healing energy to affect others (and ourselves).

And while all this research is fascinating to think about, you likely feel an even stronger pull on your heart to explore this leading-edge work as you witness so much war, conflict and ecological devastation on the planet.

Our hearts break as we see the level of horrifying violence playing out on the world stage. Our hearts call for us to do SOMETHING to uplift humanity and address these dire situations.

So how you can bring together your heart and mind and dedicate your spiritual practice to deep social healing? By harnessing the power of group fields for personal evolution, group coherence and subtle activism.

You may not have heard of subtle activism, but it’s both a new discipline and a growing movement that brings together spiritual practices with emerging insights into how we can shift our world in a positive direction through the power of our individual and collective consciousness.

Subtle activism both opens intriguing new horizons of transformational practice AND serves as a way to integrate inner development with outer engagement — bonding communities together in a mission of healing and positive change. And not only is there evidence for positive collective impact, the subtle activists themselves benefit from a beautiful secondary effect of increased hope and creative energy.

In the past, these domains were often considered too speculative and “far out,” but we’re now moving into an era in which we’re starting to understand how transformational practices can extend the capacities of our minds, broadcast the love in our hearts, and begin to affect the “collective field” in a way that helps to heal social wounds, clear past traumas and reduce humanity’s propensity to violence and crime.

In this way, our spiritual practices can evolve beyond a quest for personal liberation to help address “global hot spots” — areas of real suffering — or even major political processes involving millions of people.

Research is also beginning to show that advanced meditators and healing practitioners are more effective than novices at creating these shifts nonlocally — implying it’s a skill we can each develop.

That’s part of why the field of subtle activism is gaining momentum as a legitimate area for inquiry and focused practice. Subtle activism also gives us unique insights into group and collective practices, from ceremonies to focused group intention to simultaneous meditations in multiple locations.
Journey With A Master Guide

There are few people who have explored this area in as much depth and breadth as Dr. David Thomas Nicol, author of the acclaimed 2015 book, Subtle Activism, host of the 2015 Subtle Activism Summit, and co-founder of the BeThePeace annual global meditation on the International Day of Peace, which last year included more than 1,400 participating locations worldwide.

In this, his first-ever online Building Group Subtle Fields program, David will show you how to harness the power of your spiritual practices for greater good — to effect positive change in the world and in yourself. He’s distilled more than a decade of research into a concrete set of insights and practices that enable you to work with groups in an intentional spiritual way.

He’ll take you step by step through the theory and techniques that allow you to engage in effective group field development as both a participant and organizer, as you build a field of co-creative exploration that can help shift our world.

Building these fields helps to create stronger, more bonded teams and more coherent intention for subtle activism.

And the best part of this work is that the benefits not only ripple out into society, they also flow directly into you. It’s clear that when individuals work in this way, they become more energized, joyful and hopeful.

The experience of entering into a “group mind” leads to a feeling of oneness. As a result, people connect more deeply, feel like they’re part of a soul family, access more life force, and collaborate more actively on worldly projects.

In other words, working with group fields builds a sense of real community and larger purpose, while empowering actions in the world at large.

It thus serves as an important way to advance beyond purely solo practices, which by definition limit our collective growth potential. By learning to consciously step into larger fields of intention, practice and work, we diminish the self-serving and self-seeking impulse of the ego and experience ourselves as part of a larger whole. This work, in turn, acts as a bridge to support collective awakening and transformation through direct experiences of global oneness.

During this 7-part journey with David, you’ll see clearly why engaging in group field work and subtle activism can enhance your personal evolution in addition to contributing to our collective healing.

When you join this groundbreaking training, you’ll discover:

Cutting-edge research about how intention, energy and group fields actually work — drawing from the latest science about such phenomena as morphogenetic fields and psi research
Advanced practices and lore around subtle activism, as well as information on the skills needed to become more effective
Creative techniques you can engage in with a group to activate a collective subtle body — including creating a “higher mind,” “higher heart” and “higher will” — and positively impact challenging global situations
How working with group fields can supercharge your spiritual practice with purpose, and create a healthy flow between a focus on self and community
Ways to develop subtle perception, allowing you to navigate higher levels of consciousness
Practical skills for building group synergy that can be applied to any conscious organization
New levels of hope and purpose that can illuminate the next steps on your paths of personal and professional development
Specific practices for self-protection, safety, clearing and grounding — which are especially important for dealing with larger traumas in the collective psyche
How to develop real discernment and distinguish healthy skepticism from fear-based doubt
How to move beyond the polarity of doubt and belief to transrational knowing
The ethics of engaging in subtle dimensions on behalf of the collective
The 3 keys to building collective intelligence in groups

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