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Traffic Builder 3.0


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Traffic Builder 3.0

Traffic Builder 3.0

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Revolutionary Software Puts YOU In Front Targeted Online Buyers … WITHOUT Paying For Ads

Every marketer or business owner needs traffic. Fact is, getting traffic is EASY. Making a positive ROI is where things get tricky.

You COULD Simply Pay For Traffic … But WATCH OUT

Even though paid ads CAN get results quickly … they often don’t add up to net profits in your pocket.

Paid advertising costs are going thru the roof:

Facebook ad costs spiked higher after a big change to its News Feed algorithm

In January, Facebook CPMs – the cost of a thousand ad impressions – was up 122 percent year over year

In February, CPMs were up 77 percent. It market the two HIGHEST year-over year jumps in ad prices for Facebook over the past 14, March 2018

How To Get The Best Results Of Paid Traffic … WITHOUT The Costs

Because NOW, Free & Targeted Traffic Can Be Yours In 3 Quick Steps:

Step 1

  • Point & Click Use The Point & Click Post Builder To Make Either An Image/Link Post Or Content-Style Post

Step 2

  • Paste The Provided URL Into The Software And Press GO

Step 3

  • Get Targeted Visitors & Buyers Let The Software AUTOMATICALLY Target Qualified Traffic & Send It Directly To YOUR Offers

Introducing: TrafficBuilder 3.0

TrafficBuilder 3.0 is YOUR answer for getting the BEST results of paid traffic, with NONE of the costs.

It lets you:

  • Set up winning traffic campaigns in just minutes
  • Drive hands-free, long term traffic to any offer in any niche
  • Tap into a massive and growing platform of BUYERS actively searching for solutions to their problems

Need Fast Traffic? We Have That Covered Too…

2+ Years Of Proven Results … And Getting Better Every Day

So Simple ANYONE Can Get Results
So POWERFUL Even Advanced Marketers Can Scale Effortlessly

Just login to the software & start driving traffic to ANY link you want

Beginner Friendly

  • No tech skills or experience necessary.All you need is a product or service to promote – the software takes care of the rest.
  • It finds traffic from a powerful social network full of proven buyers …
  • Then drives these targeted visitors anywhere you want – affiliate links, your own offers, eCom stores & anything else you can imagine.
  • It’s the EASIEST method for getting traffic we’ve EVER used.

Infinitely Scalable

  • The beauty of this system is there are no ad costs involved.
  • You can test campaigns with zero financial risk …
  • Then optimize and scale the top performers. It’s a split-tester’s DREAM.
  • In no time you’ll have fine-tuned campaigns driving converting traffic to any offer you want.

Laser-Targeted BUYER Traffic With Practically No Competition

Until TrafficBulder, marketing on Reddit was a nightmare. Get one thing wrong and your posts practically disappear. This means most marketers aren’t touching Reddit …
which opens up massive opportunities for you.

Post. Paste. Automate. Targeted Traffic YOU Control

Point & Click Builder lets you quickly create both image/link or content-style posts – each 100% compliant with Reddit terms

Automated Posting – BRAND NEW With TrafficBullder 3.0 Share your posts to Reddit from INSIDE the dash

Advanced DRIP FEED technology shares your posts to targeted users for a steady supply of buying traffic

Since TrafficBuilder V1 Launched, Customers Have Received Over 1.3 MILLION+ Clicks … And Counting!

Now you’ll enjoy the FULL benefits of free Reddit traffic …with faster & more powerful results.

  • COMPLETELY UPDATED User Interface lets you create, launch and manage traffic campaigns easier than ever
  • AUTOMATED Posting means you can share your posts direct to Reddit, from INSIDE the app
  • ADVANCED Built-In Targeting gets your offers in front of the most engaged buyers in your niche
  • STREAMLINED Source Code means the software gets results even faster
  • UPGRADED POST CREATOR gives you more flexibility to create engaging posts – STILL with point & click ease

EVERYTHING You Need For Laser Targeted, 100% Free Traffic

Built-In Image Designer

  •  It’s like having PhotoShop inside the dash – create amazing images from scratch OR edit existing graphics in seconds
  • Apply multiple filters, watermarks, texts & emojis to make your posts stand out
  • Powerful and EXTREMELY easy to use – no learning curve and no need for complicated extra tools

100% Compliant Posts, OPTIMIZED For Your Audience

  • TrafficBuilder 3.0 is completely approved by Reddit’s demanding terms of service
  • Zero risk of having your account suspended by using the software as shown
  • Each automated post is optimized to maximize your reach, Karma, upvotes (and all the other good things Reddit users love)

COMPLETE Video Training

  • Step by step over the shoulder videos show exactly how to use the software, create posts & generate maximum traffic
  • Discover how to exploit Reddit for the best possible results – even if you’ve never used it before

Even More Things You’ll LOVE About TrafficBuilder 3.0

  • Cloud-Based Software works on any device on any platform – nothing to install or download and available 24/7
  • Ultra-fast traffic generation – start seeing targeted organic traffic in as little as 15 minutes
  • Speedy Campaign Creation- traffic and sales campaigns can be created in 2 minutes flat.
  • Unlimited versatility – the traffic sources work for literally ANY niche, offer or website
  • Premium Traffic – software targets tier 1 traffic (USA, Canada, UK, Australia), so you get real, buyer-intent traffic every time
  • User Friendly you need is clearly organized inside your dashboard, so you can QUICKLY set up campaigns anytime you want

This COMPLETE Traffic Solution Includes Everything You Need – But We’re Not Stopping There!

When You Act Now, You’ll Also Receive These Powerful Launch-Exclusive Bonuses

[Bonuses Only Available During This Limited Launch]

WP Traffic Rescue – Exclusive Bonus

With TrafficBuilder 3.0 you’ll be able to get server-crushing traffic. Use WP Traffic Rescue to make sure all those people on your site stay their and get them to do whatever you want them to do. Buy something? Click a link? The choice is yours with WP Traffic Rescue.

Advanced Traffic Blueprint – Exclusive Bonus

We love traffic and with TrafficBuilder 3.0 you’ll get tons of it. And wit Advanced Traffic Blueprint you’re going to learn the one-of-akind traffic methods which are proven to get 1000’s of visitors to your sites everyday – for FREE.

WP Traffic Buzz – Exclusive Bonus

Another exclusive bonus we’re giving away is the all mighty WP Traffic Buzz tool. Use this with TrafficBuilder 3.0 software to create massive exposure to ANY site you want on the internet. It works in ANY niche and is proven to get massive results.

WP Viral Clicks – Exclusive Bonus

Viral traffic is some of the best traffic on the planet. Why? Because everyone does the work for you….and it’s FREE! Combining WP Viral Clicks with TrafficBuilder 3.0 you’ll be able to take any site or click you want viral – and get everyone else to do the work for you!

Easy Video Spinner – Exclusive Bonus

Lets face it, the future is video. We realize that and we believe its SUPER IMPORTANT to use video as a traffic source. That’s why we’re giving away Easy Video Spinner as an EXCLUSIVE bonus. TrafficBuilder 3.0 is perfect for video which is why when you combine both, you’ll get tons of EXTRA traffic with no extra effort.

Quick Video Maker – Exclusive Bonus

We believe in video and we love it as a tool to get traffic. That’s why we’re including Quick Video Maker as a bonus because sometimes you need to create quick and simple videos which will get you traffic. Quick Video Maker + TrafficBuilder 3.0 = All the traffic you can possibly want. It’s that simple

Get Traffic Builder 3.0 on right now!
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