Norman, Joan, Elliot, Andrea – The Optimal Wellness Course


Norman, Joan, Elliot, Andrea – The Optimal Wellness Course

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This 12-week course is for those who want to achieve optimal wellness in body, mind, spirit and emotions… and sustain it on a regular basis! It goes without saying that you want to be happy and healthy.


Norman, Joan, Elliot, Andrea – The Optimal Wellness Course

Norman, Joan, Dr. Elliot & Andrea – The Optimal Wellness Course

Register Now and You Can Learn Simple Techniques to:

  • Feel younger and easily source more energy in less than 10 days
  • Increase your daily joy, focus and productivity, and contribute to the Shift in bigger ways
  • Replace overwhelm with ease and grace, and experience true inner peace
  • Turn on or tune up your body’s self-healing switch – and feel radiantly healthy
  • Stick with the healthy habits that you know are good for you!

This 12-week course is for those who want to achieve optimal wellness in
body, mind, spirit and emotions… and sustain it on a regular basis!
It goes without saying that you want to be happy and healthy.

You probably have a pretty good idea of the basics of optimal health – regular exercise; whole foods; stress management; and “soul care.”

But so often you find yourself slipping into habits that don’t match up with the highest vision you have for your best life. Why is that?

Well, it happens to all of us!

Does this sound familiar?

You start a new food plan and set the alarm clock for a morning run, but then need the sleep. You start a meditation program and then can’t make the time.

Life happens. Work’s busy. Family commitments crop up. Managing a modern lifestyle is challenging.

But if you know what you should be doing for your health, what’s really getting in the way?

Why is it so hard to create habits that stick?

As multidimensional beings, optimal wellness is about aligning all of who you are – your physiology; your psychology; your powerful and creative mind; and your spirit – with the Source of who you really are.

To be optimally well means that all of these areas are given equal airtime.

That’s why we’ve designed a course with the LEADING experts in four key areas of your health: body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Over 12 weeks, you will learn cutting-edge science and discoveries in optimal health, and most importantly, how to put into practice the elements that are most needed for you – at this time for you in your life.

If your meditation practice is solid, but your body needs attention, we will support you to focus on that aspect.

If you’re getting plenty of exercise, but not putting enough attention on your soul care, we’ll support you in accessing your inner wisdom.

If you’re sharpening your mind regularly, but not doing the emotional work needed for optimal wellness, then this course will help with you that.

When just one of these areas goes out of alignment, your wellbeing suffers. So this course is designed to get you back on track in all areas of optimal wellness – not to just fill you with more information about what you should be doing, but support you in making the actual changes necessary.

The place of optimal health where your body FEELS great! Where your emotions are joyful and your mind is clear. Where you live an inspired life. Where you are free of pain, overwhelm and fatigue.

Through a guided detox, exploration of attitudes and beliefs, discussions about willpower and the role of conscientiousness, you’ll get to where you really want to be-in your health, fitness, peace of mind and sense of wellbeing.

Optimal Support on Your Path to Optimal Wellness
In addition to the support of the most knowledgeable experts, you will also have the opportunity to work with an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER for the duration of the 12 weeks if you choose.

Your accountability partner can be a friend, co-worker or spouse who takes the course with you – or another course participant that you will be matched with. We set up this course to help you get on the right track and stay there – and an accountability partner can be that extra bit of motivation and connection to support you on your path to optimal wellness.

This course is for you if…

  • You want to lose those extra pounds that seem to weigh you down
  • You want more energy
  • You want greater mental clarity
  • You want to get a handle on how overwhelmed you feel
  • You want to feel completely supported as you recommit to your health
  • You want to create some new healthy habits for your body and mind
  • You want to understand what causes your stress – and how to reduce it
  • You want radiant, ageless skin
  • You want these changes to STICK!

What You’ll Experience: Course Overview
Health and wellness pioneers Joan Borysenko, Norm Shealy, Elliot Dacher and Andrea Nakayama will be your guides for 12 weeks of maximum support in helping you get on track to optimal wellness.

These four teachers are some of the top thinkers and researchers in their fields. You will make discoveries about yourself that will enable you to finally get on the ball about your health and STAY THERE!

We know that to make a real shift you need to feel completely supported. This is a time of massive instability, and so it’s key for you to feel like you can reach your goals while relying on the help of those you trust.

Module 1: YOUR BODY
With Andrea Nakayama
In this module you’ll experience three weeks that will get your body to a place of supreme jewel-like clarity, where you can experience a whole new level of energy and joy.

Andrea will lead you through your own personal detox, which she makes fun, exciting, informative and delicious.

This easy detox simply means learning about and avoiding the foods that are slowing you down as you eat more of the delicious foods that bring you vitality. You’ll learn why you’ll be removing certain foods to support both your ability to balance weight, conquer cravings, sleep more soundly and have more energy and clarity throughout the day.

And you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of which foods accelerate your body’s aging and which repair the bones, muscles and digestive capabilities for improved physical performance and younger looking skin. Andrea will set you up for a dietary transformation that can last a lifetime.

After this 21-day detox immersion, you’ll feel better than you have in a long time (you’ll feel like yourself again!), and you’ll have a toolbox of new recipes and habits that will enable you to maintain a healthier lifestyle in the months and years to come.

Most importantly, you’ll feel lighter, stronger and more focused to achieve your goals of personal and spiritual transformation.

In Module 1, you’ll discover how to:

Boost your mental clarity
Decrease fatigue so you start feeling energized
Lower your stress levels with food
Manage your weight loss with ease and success
Reduce the inflammation that leads to achy joints, muscles and other chronic health conditions
Improve your physical performance
Create younger looking skin
Week 1: Conquer Your Cravings: Get Smart About Sugar (April 26)

The evidence is in – sugar is toxic. The #1 toxin to remove from your diet to extinguish the fires of inflammation is sugar. Sugar negatively affects everything from your heart to your brain to your joints.

Andrea will explain how sugar accelerates aging and weakens your immunity. Sugar can make you feel sluggish, moody and even make your skin look dull and dehydrated.

You’ll ease into your 21-day detox by learning about the scrumptious substitutes to feed your sweet tooth without the onslaught of negative effects.

In Week 1, you’ll discover:

How sugar affects your body and brain… and what to do about it
How to read labels the right way
Ingredients to make you beware, and some sneaky sugar substitutes
Restocking your pantry with snack foods you can savor
Making healthy treats that satisfy your taste buds
Week 2: Quell Inflammation: What’s Gotten Into Your Gluten? (May 3)

Eliminating gluten from your diet is a sure-fire way to reduce inflammation and heal all sorts of chronic issues like arthritis and gout. This protein found in some grains has been known to wreak havoc on one’s digestion and mental health.

You’ll be surprised at how fatigue disappears and how sharp your thinking can be. And, you might just watch some pounds melt away too!

But removing gluten isn’t easy. It requires guidance and support.

In Week 2, you’ll discover:

Why gluten creates allergies in people
How gluten affects your digestion, mental health and hormonal balance
Safe and healthy grains to eat instead
How you can feel great about getting off the gluten train
Week 3: Manage Your Metabolism: Dairy, Dairy, Quite Contrary (May 10)

Milk products have been highly altered in our lifetime. Dairy is now a substance that is loaded with toxins – antibiotics, hormones and other additives. Yikes!

In addition we’ve become a fat-phobic society and so we alter our dairy products by removing the very substances that help mitigate the sugars. – Not good.

Most people don’t think of dairy as something that slows them down, but you’d be surprised. Just to cut out dairy offers you a lot of mental clarity and can really improve your performance.

In Week 3, you’ll discover:

Is dairy actually a good source of calcium or is that a propaganda myth?
Why eating dairy can hurt you, especially as you age
How to determine if dairy works for you and your body or if it’s resulting in problems
If you do eat dairy, how to know which kinds are best

Module 2: YOUR MIND
With Dr. Norm Shealy
The core question at the heart of this program is: “What would it take for you to choose healthy habits?”

Most people don’t know how to answer this. They know exactly what they should be doing to stay healthy, and yet they continually make less than optimal choices…choices that land them in the doctor’s office as they age.

So why is that? The results are in: 97% of people don’t have four of the most basic health habits:

Body mass index 18 to 24 (30% of people have this one)
No smoking (74% have this one)
Eating 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables daily (25% have this one)
Exercise a MINIMUM of 30 minutes 5 days a week (Only 10% of people!)
And these are only just a few of the daily health requirements you need, including adequate sleep, positive attitude, a good social network and a strong spiritual foundation.

A recent article in the New York Times gave Norm the number one answer as to why people make the choices they do: conscientiousness! An 80-year study of longevity has shown that conscientiousness is the single greatest factor in HEALTH and LONGEVITY.

Because of this, Norm has now devoted his life to studying, teaching and sharing conscientiousness. This module will ramp up your commitment so you really start to reap the BENEFITS of optimal wellness – when you feel and look your best!

Week 4: The Foundation of Longevity (May 17)

Bliss is a state of surrender, happiness and total freedom from anxiety. It requires an active oxytocin system. Most of you know that oxytocin is best known as the “love hormone” – it’s strong in you when you feel peaceful, affectionate, relaxed and even passionate.

If you did not get grounded in oxytocin production in the first 7 years of life, you can still rejuvenate your oxytocin mechanism. This week you’ll find out how to literally FEEL MORE LOVE!

In Week 4, you’ll discover:

How to trigger the feelings of bliss and freedom in your body
How oxytocin leads to an ageless body
The connection between love and your own hormones
How oxytocin amplifies your radiant health and ability to heal
Week 5: Making More of the “Love Drug” (May 24)

Your magical stores of oxytocin that are so abundant in youth get depleted as you age. If you don’t pay attention and start to renew your system, recovery won’t happen all on its own.

Physical exercise, massage, saunas and sex are all tools for restoring the oxytocin system. What you eat is also essential, so this week we will examine how to live, eat and practice on a daily basis to get the blissed-out hormones flowing!

In Week 5, you’ll discover:

The best practices for getting your oxytocin amped up and flowing
What exactly oxytocin does for your body and how to make more of it
How to recover from oxytocin depletion
Week 6: The Power of Your Attitude (May 31)

Attitude, attitude, attitude determines the habits you choose. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “I reckon a person is as happy as they make up their mind to be.”

Every day in every way you can become better and better, if you choose and if you practice. You can retrain your brain. You aren’t permanently stuck with conditions like anxiety and worry unless you want to be!

So here you’ll discover just how to do it, and maintain the results you get.

In Week 6, you’ll discover:

How to upgrade your brain
How attitude makes habits-and how to shift both
How to get more bliss out of life-everyday!

With Joan Borysenko, PhD
Burnout. It’s the number one health issue people are having today. Due to stress, overwork, poor dietary choices, overwhelm and other factors, the body-mind goes into burnout.

It’s not just a term. It’s a physiological condition. And it’s a real dilemma that creates terrible fatigue, a lack of inspiration, depression and a number of other physical issues like weak ligaments and poor digestion.

Burnout also affects your emotions. And so often people don’t even REALIZE that they are burned out! They just get grumpy or withdrawn.

In this module you’ll go deep into the reasons you get stressed, as well as discover how to be guided back into the inner conversation that will remedy the problem. You’ll discover how forgiveness can reestablish emotional security, and how this in turn affects the body.

If you’ve ever wondered just how the body-mind connection works, this module is where you’ll get all the answers! Joan Borysenko is a Harvard trained cellular biologist, so she will help you understand exactly what happens in your body and how to overcome it with grace.

Week 7: The Link Between Your Emotions and Stress (June 14)

This week will delve into the truth about stress, and you won’t want to miss this because it’s Joan’s expertise. You’ll take a look at being fried. Burned out. How do you get into a state of adrenal fatigue in the first place… but more importantly, how do you get out of it?

You’ll understand how illness and stress can be guides back to the present, back to a healthy lifestyle, back to the soul, back to an experience of heaven on earth.

You’ll also take a look at the pathways through which your emotions and beliefs become embodied. You’ll discover information about neuro-hormones and immune function, and you’ll also understand the release of immune elements that predispose you to illness.

In Week 7, you’ll discover:

Spiritual principles that can help you become “stress hardy”
Tools to manage your emotions in order to increase your resilience to illness
How to use stress and burnout to get on the road to feeling good again
How to recognize and overcome “New Age Guilt” and simplistic thinking in regards to the mind-body connection
Week 8: Training Your Brain for Happiness (June 21)

With all the new information on the brain, Joan will share the latest research and most cutting-edge insights that will empower and inspire you to lead a truly happy life and reduce fear and anxiety.

There are studies now that show how meditation, exercise, delaying gratification and the use of mind-training techniques all strengthen the connections in your brain. This week Joan will share this groundbreaking work.

In Week 8, you’ll discover:

Tools and practices to bring the most happiness and wellbeing to your life
The best way to calm down your fight-or-flight response
How to subdue fear instantly, and bring about ease and peace
Mind-training practices to increase your resilience and the connections in your brain
Week 9: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal Your Body (June 28)

One of the most active areas of research in integrative medicine is in the link between forgiveness and health. An interesting research tidbit: 94% of people believe that forgiveness is a good thing for their health and peace of mind. But only 48% have tried it.

Your conditioning is always pushing you to improve – judging the parts of yourself that are not yet developed. While your soul is ruthless in pointing out your conditioning, it is as loving as the Great Mother – encouraging the still sleeping parts of you to wake up and shine.

This is a deeply transformative week, sure to support your metamorphosis into the very best you!

In Week 9, you’ll discover:

The power of forgiveness and its direct correlation to your health and wellbeing
What you gain (and lose) by holding on to grudges
The misconceptions of forgiveness that prevent people from experiencing it (and how it differs from reconciliation)
A soul practice that opens the door to forgiveness of self and others

With Dr. Elliot S. Dacher, M.D.
Spiritual development accelerates your attainment of optimal wellness. How? It’s because your mind-body connection is truly the source of your health.

What begins in your mind, ends in your body. When you strengthen your spiritual practice, you strengthen your health, and even more, you strengthen your resolve to be healthy.

Dr. Elliott S. Dacher M.D. is a renowned internal medicine practitioner and teacher. You’ll be in good hands as you strengthen your spiritual senses, and spread your wings!

Week 10: The Practice of Meditation and Mind Training (July 5)

Spiritual development propels the attainment of your optimal wellness.

In Week 10, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions and experiential exercises for you to begin or strengthen your meditation practice and mind training – the foundation of your own human flourishing. These practices will be progressively expanded and refined in each session.

In Week 10, you’ll discover:

Practices that will lead you deeper into peace than you’ve ever been before
Ancient wisdom teachings to develop your mind-body-spirit connection
What is integral health/optimal wellness really?
Week 11: Authentic Happiness and Inner Peace (July 12)

We all want resilient and enduring happiness and inner peace. What this requires spiritually is to progressively remove the obscuring clouds of an overactive mind in order to reveal your true nature.

Wise healers have left us the knowledge and practices that enable us to accomplish this. This session will examine the root sources of the overactive/afflicted mind and explore practices that allow you to break through these disabling mental patterns.

This will open you to exploring your spiritual nature whose essence is an enduring happiness and peace.

In Week 11, you’ll discover:

What is human flourishing? How can YOU best flourish?
Tools and practices to help you break through disabling mental patterns
How you can redefine health to be consistent with its traditional aim as a “state-of-being” rather than merely a state-of-biology
Week 12: Spiritual Practice in Daily Life: Relationships and Work (July 19)

By using your life experiences as sources of spiritual practice, you expand the scope of your practice and simultaneously integrate it into daily life. This session will focus on how relationships and work can become spiritual practices.

We will also complete this final session by examining how to create and sustain a lifelong program of spiritual development, the foundational basis of your optimal wellness.

In Week 12, you’ll discover:

How to invite optimal wellness to be present throughout your life, including through aging, disease and death
How you can create and sustain a lifelong program of spiritual development
Bonus #1 Audio Workshop:
“Living Your Most Authentic Life: How to Turn Life’s Difficulties into Labor Pains of Self-Birth”
With Dr. Bernie Siegel
Dr. Bernie Siegel will join Dr. Joan Borysenko for a lively dialogue on living your most authentic life and turning life’s difficulties into labor pains of self-birth. There’s no way around human challenges – all of us encounter these along our path. But we can find a way to keep being re-born, living our lives with deep meaning and satisfaction, even with pain. Bernie is one of the original pioneers in integrative medicine, and if you haven’t yet heard him speak – or even if you have – you’re in for a real treat with this bonus audio download.

Bonus # 2 Live Workshop:
“Detox your Mind” With Lion Goodman
In this session, Lion Goodman will guide you through his acclaimed belief-change method called The BeliefCloset Process that will assist you in releasing old beliefs hidden in your subconscious that interfere with your optimal health.

You’ll examine and eliminate the beliefs that are programmed into you about your body, your health, your habits, aging, and life itself. Discard these beliefs that have held you back and embrace those that support your radiant well being!

Once you learn the BeliefCloset Process, you can use it to shift ANY belief that no longer serves you – in your relationships, money, work, or wherever beliefs have you stuck!

In this session you will:

Identify long held beliefs that hold you back from optimal wellness
Release your subconscious attachment to beliefs that no longer serve you
Consciously choose empowering beliefs to take forward into your thriving life
Learn a powerful tool to change your beliefs any time

What You’ll Receive:
Twelve 90-minute class sessions (3 weeks with each teacher), including live, interactive calls plus Q&A time.
Bonus sessions with Dr. Bernie Siegel and Lion Goodman
Menu and recipe packets (3-5 recipes per week, per meal!)
Access to a 24/7 message board where you can communicate with other detoxers and receive answers and support directly from Andrea Nakayama
Twelve 30-minute small group weekly practice sessions.
Weekly exercises and practices for deep inquiry and action-based learning.
Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).
PDF transcripts for each class session.
Classes are Thursdays, April 26 – July 19, 5 p.m. Pacific / 8 p.m. Eastern

About Your Course Leaders

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is President of Holos Institutes of Health, Inc, a 501-C-3 organization devoted to research, education and clinical services in Holistic Health. A neurosurgeon who trained at Massachusetts General Hospital after medical school at Duke University, he has taught at Harvard, Western Reserve, U. of Wisconsin, U. of Minnesota, and Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. He was the Founding President of Holos University Graduate Seminary and now serves as Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine In 1978, Dr. Shealy was instrumental in creating The American Holistic Medical Association, which continues to emphasize the spiritual component of healing. He was the founding president of AHMA for its first two years. Dr. Shealy introduced the concepts of Dorsal Column Stimulation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), both now used world-wide. The Shealy Institute became the most successful and most cost-effective pain clinic in the U.S, with 85% success in over 30,000 patients. His current research emphasizes the potential for using electromagnetic approaches to rejuvenate the body’s production of DHEA and Calcitonin, as well as to reduce free radicals. His latest discovery is rejuvenation of DNA telomeres, which are critical for health and longevity.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. is a Harvard Medical School trained cell biologist, a licensed psychologist, and a spiritual teacher. A pioneer in mind-body medicine and psycho-neuro-immunology, she is a founder of Mind-Body Health Sciences, LLC in Boulder, Colorado and a New York Times bestselling author of 14 books. Her most recent book is It’s Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change. Joan has also created a series of guided meditation CDs for stress reduction, healing, meditation training, courage and compassion. She is also a perennially popular national speaker, radio personality, and blogger for the Huffington post and other websites including

Dr. Elliot S. Dacher M.D. practiced full time internal medicine from 1975 to 1996. In 1996 he left his medical practice to being an in-depth study of the principles and practices of the consciousness and health – an ongoing study of the subtlest mind-body medicine which he pursued for many years amongst the wisdom traditions of Asia. He is the author of Aware, Awake, Alive and Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. He is a past fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Dr. Dacher currently studies, practices, and teaches the principles of health and healing with a special focus on inner development and human flourishing. His work emphasizes the traditional goals of medicine: the end of distress and suffering and the promotion of each individual’s fullest potential, the innate capacity for human flourishing.

Andrea Nakayama is a functional nutritionist based in Portland, Oregon and owner of the online nutrition enterprise Replenish PDX. She’s on a constant journey to support a busy life – to eat well, take the best care of herself, and to learn about the ever-changing needs of her body as she ages. Andrea’s journey to even considering the role of nutrition in health began with a family health crisis. This was in 2000, when her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. At the time she was 7 weeks pregnant. Andrea’s husband was given about 6 months to live. Andrea and her husband researched, learned and changed everything they put in their mouths to optimize its healing potential. Of course Andrea also needed to support her body through the hormonal changes of pregnancy and extreme stress. This has brought her first-hand deeper knowledge of the role of the endocrine system in overall health and the aging processes. Andrea is a passionate spokesperson for the power of food. That passion is driven by the desire to share with her audience the empowering aspects of nutrition and a deeper understanding of the individual and their unique physiology. She offers true transformation through food and diet. Andrea engages the core of each individual; to enliven the natural resources of the digestive system as a pathway to heal all body systems, eradicate deficiencies, and open the channels to invite nourishment and healing.

Andrea has been featured in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine (October 2011) and Thrive Oklahoma Magazine (April 2011) and mentioned in Prevention Magazine (April 2011) and Well & Good NYC (August 2011). She been a key presenter in a number of online TeleSummits and conducts successful online programs for Replenish PDX on a monthly basis.

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