Nate Schmidt – Foolproof Facebook Ads


Nate Schmidt – Foolproof Facebook Ads

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This course has really taught me about marketing like no other. What people post on YT or FB groups isn’t anything compared to this course. I would recommend this to any beginner or really anyone who’s trying to make it in e-commerce. Don’t waste your valuable money without knowing what you’re doing

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Nate Schmidt – Foolproof Facebook Ads

Nate Schmidt – Foolproof Facebook Ads


Check it out: Nate Schmidt – Foolproof Facebook Ads

NEW Facebook Ads Strategy REVEALED:
How I Escaped The “Winning Product” Deathtrap & Achieved A Ludicrous 66% Success Rate With New Product Testing on Facebook
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“This course has really taught me about marketing like no other. What people post on YT or FB groups isn’t anything compared to this course. I would recommend this to any beginner or really anyone who’s trying to make it in e-commerce. Don’t waste your valuable money without knowing what you’re doing.”
— Juan C., 07/09/2020
“This course really provides everything you need to be successful. I mean everything. It is very specific, practical and has a lot of step-by-step that i found very helpful. Even just one of the 10 modules is worth the full price. No joke this is the real fuckin deal buy this now and it will change your life.
— Michael C., 07/14/2020
“Skeptical as fuck. Pulled the tigger. All I can say is this is worth at LEAST $1000.”
— Mason P., 07/13/2020
“Talk about insane VALUE. Foolproof Facebook Ads is the perfect “no-brainer” for any beginner who wants to build a successful e-commerce business and learn Facebook Ads.” 
— Steven U., 07/13/2020
“It wasn’t until I discovered Nate that common sense hit me in the face. I can say this one is fucking worth every penny. I love that it’s text instead of video, because it’s easy to go back to something without having to skim through an entire video. Anyway, thanks for everything boys.”
— Pim S., 07/12/2020
“Fucking great. This, by far, should be the first course any beginner should buy. Like seriously. Any beginner who reads this right off the bat is going to have a huge advantage. Not only the beginners, but everyone in the ecom/dropshipping space could largely benefit from this course. It is exactly what I was hoping to get out of it (and more). These guys never fail to deliver. 9.69/10.”
— Jonathan R., 07/10/2020
“The Foolproof Facebook Ads course isn’t a gimmick. It’s about building a long term business model that can stand the test of time. Would I recommend it for people? absolutely. You won’t regret it.
— Daniel B., 07/13/2020

What You’ll Discover Inside 

Foolproof Facebook Ads…
  • The exact day-by-day process my team follows to test new products on Facebook with a 66% success rate in the past 6 months
  • Why the “Old Way” of dropshipping is dead (and how you can utilize our simple 4-Step Process to build a super profitable e-commerce business in 2020 and beyond)
  • How to turn new product testing from an unpredictable gamble into a systematic business process that reliably produces winning advertising campaigns
  • The 1 unique type of interest that consistently crushes all others…across multiple different products and industries
  • The 3 main metrics I look at when deciding whether to kill an ad set (Ignoring these metrics is like throwing advertising dollars out the window…)
  • The simple mathematical equation that allows me to be profitable while all my competitors LOSE MONEY with the same exact product
  • 9 simple tools for turning everyday products into irresistible offers
  • The most powerful LLA type that most ecom store owners don’t know about
  • 8x Mr Olympia’s FB Ad Scaling Secret (a.k.a. “The Blind Donkey Scaling Method”)
  • Why times of crisis are the greatest marketing opportunities…and how to take advantage of them
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Why do all the hard work yourself? After spending over $1M on Facebook ads we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. People have paid us upwards of $3,000 to teach them this exact information, but today you can have it for less than 1/10 of that with Foolproof Facebook Ads.
  • The 1-sentence explanation for when to keep an ad set running…and when to kill it faster than a dropshipping guru can say “Gucci slides”
  • How to figure out the perfect amount to spend on retargeting ads for your ecom store
  • The 5 scaling methods I use (and how to pick the right one for your specific situation)
  • The Little-Known FB Ad rule you must be aware of if you’re not from the United States (or face near certain irrevocable ad account deactivation)
  • The emotional triggers all humans possess that you must tap into to make FAT profits in ecom
  • The “Mad Men Era” marketing principles ignored by acne-prone teenage ecom gurus…but used by all the top ecom brands
  • The only thing I learned in college that ever put a single dollar in my pocket
  • The little-known reason why flashy ads often grab attention LESS than simple ads that follow our “cardinal rule” of marketing
  • How to write ads that “jump out” and grab the reader by the neck
  • The #1 thing most new advertisers do wrong…and what you can learn from the Swiss Ministry of Health’s COVID Marketing campaign
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We’ve achieved a ridiculous 66% success rate with new product testing on Facebook using this exact system. Imagine if 2 out of every 3 products you tested turned into consistently profitable stores? With Foolproof Facebook Ads it’s not only possible, but probable.
  • 4 brain-dead simple tips to make sure you always get the best possible content when working with photographers
  • Why video ads aren’t always the “bee’s knees”…and the 1 situation in which basic, white background pics consistently CRUSH video ads
  • 7 practical tips you can apply today to make better video ads
  • The atrociously sexist marketing secret of a World War 2 hero…and how it applies to your FB ad copy
  • The 4 ways EVERYONE can improve their e-commerce marketing (Whether you’re making $100/day or $10k/day, you can still improve in these 4 key areas.)
  • The 12 most common reasons for FB account bans…and how to protect your precious ad account from them
  • 8 silly beginner ad copy mistakes that make my skin crawl (Use our 8-point checklist to ensure you never make these rookie errors again)
  • How to make high-converting video ads even if you have ZERO custom content
  • How to go “Full Pimp Mode” by turning the most sophisticated advertising algorithm in the world into your money-making b*tch
  • The dirty secret ecom gurus don’t tell you about FB Ad inconsistency
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Foolproof Facebook Ads ain’t cheap. But neither is flushing THOUSANDS down the Facebook ads toilet testing stuff that doesn’t work (like most people do)! Think about it… even if our system only helped you avoid wasting $600 on ads that didn’t convert… it would’ve paid for itself two times over!
  • The hidden asset every ecom business has…yet most newbie store owners forget to tap into (instant cash-injection if you follow our advice and have been running your store for a while)
  • Why the popular “guru” scaling strategies didn’t work for you
  • The 8-Step “Nuclear Option” for getting around constant FB ad account bans (Like the real-world Nuclear Option, this is an extreme measure and should NOT be used willy-nilly at the first opportunity.)
  • How to get 2x faster shipping without holding inventory in the US
  • The 3 key drivers of e-commerce success (These are the main things I work on day in, day out.)
  • Why most e-commerce “gurus” actually get worse results than the average person (If ecom gurus overcame this fundamental flaw in their strategy, they’d literally 3x their profit potential.)
  • The old-school marketing secret used decades before the internet was invented that can double your ROAS (without changing your product or ad!)
  • 7 AOV-Boosting tactics we use to get customers to spend more money on our stores
  • The correct time to scale your ads internationally (do this too soon and you risk messing up all your ad account data and ruining results…but done right, it’s a near-guaranteed increase in profits)
  • The exact list of 32 countries my team targets when scaling ads internationally (After over $1 million dollars spent on FB ads, these are the countries we found to work best.)
  • Why listening to most ecom gurus is more likely to hurt than boost your FB ad performance
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Imagine glancing at your Facebook ads dashboard and ALWAYS knowing what to do next (and how to do it!) to achieve maximum results… no longer are you confused, no longer are things hazy… you’ve finally found the missing puzzle piece to running consistently profitable Facebook ads, and things have never been more crisp, clear, and simple.
The Foolproof Facebook Ads Curriculum
The course is divided into 10 comprehensive modules. Each module builds on the last to take you from complete novice to knowing everything you need to create wildly profitable advertising campaigns.
 Module 1: Intro To Foolproof Facebook Ads

The first module welcomes you to the course and more importantly, gives you our suggested approach for getting the most out of the information inside.

Study tips from the college dropout…bet you weren’t expecting that!
 Module 2: Our 4-Step System Overview

In the 2nd module, we give you the 10,000ft overview of our advertising methodology.

Inside you’ll discover the 4 key pillars of any successful ecom business. And you’ll discover the REAL reason most ecom newbies never make any money (hint: it’s because they’re following a completely outdated strategy!).
 Module 3: How To Craft Irresistible Offers

Crafting truly irresistible offers is a lost art. Which is great news for you…

Because once you learn the key elements of an offer and how to build a truly irresistible offer from scratch, you’ll be ready to destroy your competition!
 Module 4: The “Down & Dirty” Of Marketing Angles

It’s not just about what you’re selling… far more important is how you sell it. “The How” is what we refer to as your marketing angle.

Most dropshippers use the same played-out angles everyone else in their market uses…and that’s why they fail to ever make any real money. In this module you’ll learn how to invent unique marketing angles that will catch your market’s attention and have them practically begging you to take their money!
 Module 5: Creative Is King

The biggest driver of ecom success is…you guessed it, having killer creatives.

In this module you’ll be learning from real-world examples from the best in the business. And for the first time ever, I’ll be sharing some of my “little-known” creative-making secrets (this info used to be reserved for only my high-end clients…not anymore)!
 Module 6: FB Ads Media Buying Crash Course

Every other Facebook Ads course starts off with this section… but not mine.

Because despite what the gurus claim, media buying is NOT the key to ecom success!
Without the 5 modules before this section, none of what you learn in Module 6 will make you profitable. But with that marketing knowledge from the earlier modules… now you’re ready to do some serious damage!
 Module 7: The Blue Ocean Testing Strategy

Now for the fun part… in this module, you’re going to discover the exact, day-by-day, step-by-step strategy my team uses to test new products on Facebook.

We show you how to set up all your campaigns (using everything you learned up to this point, of course). And then we walk you through what actions to take inside the Ads Manager on a day-by-day basis.
If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the data FB throws at you…this module will be a true game-changer for you!


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