Josh Answers – Real Estate 101 – EVERYTHING You Need To Get STARTED


Josh Answers – Real Estate 101 – EVERYTHING You Need To Get STARTED

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We did it again. This is the next step of the education disruption. We wanted people to learn about the stock market for free. Now we want them to learn about real estate.


Josh Answers – Real Estate 101 – EVERYTHING You Need To Get STARTED

Josh Answers - Real Estate 101 - EVERYTHING You Need To Get STARTED

Again…does this even need a sales page? lol

We did it again. This is the next step of the education disruption. We wanted people to learn about the stock market for free. Now we want them to learn about real estate. Not for free, but pretty much (blame inflation & trolls). I convinced the boys at TTF Real Estate and some of my own mentors to let me offer our pre-licensing course without the pre-license. So pretty much, you get all the real estate education without having to become an agent or paying for anything else beyond what you want to use. It isn’t necessarily “free” like the last course, however if you scroll down and preview the curriculum and watch the promo video above, you will see there is nothing of this quality available at this price on the internet. We are talking real life examples, contracts that you can use, 300 page summaries/cheat sheets for pre-licensing that we made ourselves not ripped off the internet, and a bunch of other resources. The best part is that this course is for everybody. It covers flipping houses with no money to even making FB ads for those that want to become real estate agents or even get into real estate marketing. YES. Even if you don’t want to do real estate at all, but just want to go along the lines of e-commerce or marketing, you can learn that just from the FB and Airbnb section that is included.

Just like the last course, I am all around confident there is no way you can take this course and go through all the material and not learn something new. It might not make you a millionaire after a year or get you a deal instantly. But it will make you smarter in some capacity and give you some inspiration to go about your investments safely and creatively. If you have watched the YouTube videos and following over the years you know what we are committed to. Hopefully this course encourages you to diversify your investments, create new sources of income and make you want to be apart of our real estate team! Beyond that, our new mission is make sure everyone has a chance to learn, so if you cannot afford this course, contact us and we’ll make something happen!

Josh Answers

P.S. Thank you lendingtips, Chooch, Roicki, Sam, & the rest our team. Thank you for allowing me to do this and supporting my vision and the collective vision of The Trading Fraternity. Seriously, bless you all and your contribution will not go unrecognized by all the people you guys are helping!


Your Instructor

Josh Answers

Founder of The Trading Fraternity. Not the puppet, but the one pulling the strings. My name is Josh Answers, if you got to this page you probably have heard of me. I am 25 years old and have been trading since I was 14. When I am not trading I am a partner at an international investment fund and focus on private equity, real estate and capital markets. Having taught over 200+ people and countless more through my free material, I truly have a passion for spreading financial literacy and helping people harness their potential when it comes to making money and becoming a true entrepreneur (not these instagram entrepreneurs). I ed training people in 14′ in hopes of creating a team of traders that can help my fund and operate the capital markets arm, as they would be trained by me and know my strategy and what to look for. That goal still exists to this day, and we are currently doing the same for real estate investing as well too. I credit my financial success to understanding how business and economics works. Even further, I also credit it to knowing how real estate investing & the stock market go hand an hand which has helped me grow my gains from both ends. I run my companies and fund full time, but still have the goal of creating a school for financial literacy, which we are currently in the process of building a physical location. I have been called crazy by my peers because I eventually want to be able to provide a college level education & financial education for people across the world for as little as $20. I am a huge advocate of schools & education, however I don’t like the price & how limiting they are to most, which is why I want to do this. Help me complete this goal and be apart of making history. You can do this by simply taking this course, spreading the word & supporting The Trading Fraternity and giving back what you learn from here! I will need staff and teachers, and I am hoping I will find them here. At the very least help me create one of the biggest, FREE stock market communities on the internet so we can make market education accessible to all so they don’t get led astray from the jump and build a poor trading foundation. I will stop rambling here, thanks for coming and look forward to seeing you on the stream & hopefully in our school one day!

“I went through TTF Real estate in 2014 and let me tell you it was one amazing class! Fast forward, I have a real estate team working for me and so can you!”

Tyler R, San Antonio, TX.

“TTF Real Estate set me up for success! The opportunity it has created through the course is worth the price of admission in itself! It is a true brother hood and sister hood! Amazing Group”

Samuel S, Dallas, TX.

“I just turned 21 and while all my friends in college were partying, I am currently in the process of completing my first flip. Couldn’t have done it without Josh and the team”

Mustafa M, Cleveland, OH

Course Curriculum


Welcome To Real Estate Principles
  • Welcome to your new life!
  • Who this class is for? (1:28)
  • Purpose for taking this course/goals (4:12)
  • Real Life Training
  • Join and Work With The Cult International Real Estate Team
  • How to access course material, private chat & daily webinars
  • Frequently asked questions
So you want to be an agent?
  • Why Did You Take This Course? (3:32)
  • How to get licensed in 9 steps & 45 days (6:04)
  • PreLicensing Cheat sheets
  • Requirements
  • being an agent before you become an agent! (3:07)
  • Test vs. Real life
  • You got your license, now what? (22:41)
  • Get your circles attention and what to send new leads (5:37)
  • Choosing a broker and understanding your role at the company
  • Biggest mistakes new agents make (7:26)
  • Creating your new brand & networking
  • Lending & lenders (11:29)
How to Scale your business
  • Scaling your real estate business
  • Day to Day Schedule
  • Diet
  • Books you should read today!
  • Helping others

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