Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect


Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect

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Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect


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Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect

Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect

Get Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect on sensecourse.com right now!


ForexMentor LiveConnect is a trader training service which uses live price action to demonstrate trading concepts and strategies in real time for our members.

We don’t rely on ‘after the fact’ training material and examples, or static video tutorials; we take you through the markets, live with full audio and chart displays and show you step by step how to navigate and master price action.

We couple this live learning with a unique collection of proven trading strategies that we share with our members.

All of these live presentations are then recorded and archived for your convenience.


Our main focus is on teaching you the concepts of support and resistance and key price patterns, through live price action analysis.

We supplement this detailed training with proven strategies that you can apply to the markets on an intraday basis, whilst incorporating those other fundamental concepts.
Along with this we teach you how to correctly construct a daily trading plan, build a trading system and the process one must follow to become a professional trader, commonly known as the LPT method.


Jarratt has been trading professionally since 2008 for private clients and most notably the WealthbuilderFX currency trading Fund in Hong Kong, which is tracked and monitored in the Barclays hedge fund data base, and has its performance reported monthly in Currency trader magazine. He is also authorised and regulated by the UK’s financial services authority (FSA) to introduce clients to Forex trading through partner company ForexMax Ltd, and has a popular book ‘How to trade a currency Fund’ published and widely available through Amazon.com.

He has also worked with some of the largest trader coaching companies in Europe and in 2009 accepted an invitation from Forexmentor.com to create a live learning environment for their members, which became the hugely successful LiveConnect service.

• 9am London Time – London Analysis Presentation

Our professional traders & coaches take you through the opening of the London Session, starting the day at the open of the session with a detailed market analysis presentation which includes the opportunity to ask questions and interact with us. During the presentation we cover any economic news announcements that may be released during the session, and of course a detailed walk though of the overall direction and key trading levels and trading opportunities on each of the major pairs.

These trading opportunities are then posted in the room as downloadable charts and the Video recording archived immediately inside the members area for your convenience.

• 1pm London Time – New York Analysis Presentation

Your Trading coach’s return for the open of the New York trading session, and once again give their updated analysis including market direction, further economic announcements, and specific trading opportunities that may be setting up. We also look at how the London open played out in relation to our earlier analysis, and how any trading opportunities that we are currently in are performing and how we are managing them, and of course give you another opportunity to ask questions and use our experience to help your trading.

All updated analysis and trade set ups are then posted inside the trading room, and the video recording archived inside the members area.

• 4pm London Time – End of Day analysis Presentation

We end the days presentations with a wrap up of how the session played out and how our set ups and trading strategies performed, and a final opportunity for our members to get any questions answered and discuss how they are currently performing with their own trading.
Get Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect on sensecourse.com right now!
This is also an opportunity to send in your LPT results and get advice from our coaches on how to improve results and better manage your trades etc…

Finally we close the day’s action by highlighting some key levels to watch out for during the upcoming US / Asian sessions.

• Members Area

Our member’s area contains our trading methods and the popular LPT method tutorials, along with detailed tutorials introducing each of our currency trading professionals and their unique approach to the Forex markets, so that you are fully equipped to benefit from the analysis given each day.

• Trading Room

We understand that many of our members don’t have time to be in a ‘chat room’ environment all day long.

We believe that having regular scheduled presentations gives our members ample opportunities to talk to our coach’s and ask any questions that they may have, at these times.

The main purpose of our trading room is to host our live presentations 3 times per day and offer to opportunity for members to interact with one another during the periods in between the presentations, and discuss trading opportunities and concepts amongst themselves if they wish.

All analysis and trade set ups posted can be quickly accessed by logging into the room and downloading / watching the videos, with no worry of missing anything important actually taking place in the chat environment.

Here’s a summary of Forexmentor LiveConnect features and benefits:

Access to our Live Trading Room every trading day for the entire London session
Learn Professional trading Strategies from moderators and coaches
Learn other proven trading strategies from other professional traders
Learn from guest professionals in the room sharing their Forex knowledge and insight
Daily reviews of trading action of different currency pairs
Real time access to Jarratt and his team of trading coachs
Weekly presentations offering guidance on becoming a professional trader
The opportunity to interact with other successful traders
Access to our video tutorials (including the L.P.T method)
All trading room presentations are recorded and archived for your convenience

This service was run by Jarrat Davis until he left. The service is now called Forexmentor Live! and it is run by a guy called Ben Nathan, who was mentored by the former.

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Get Jarratt Davis – Forexmentor – LiveConnect on sensecourse.com right now!
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