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Dong Price – Scalp Trader PRO

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Dong Price – Scalp Trader PRO

Dong Price – Scalp Trader PRO

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Here’s Verified Live Proof Of $35,275 Profit From A Few Months Of Completely Automated Trading…

 Dear trader

If you are looking for a way to become successful trading Forex, then read this page carefully, because this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

$35,275.38 – that’s how much money I made in the last 4 months trading the Forex market with just one of my accounts. Oh, and this was all on auto-pilot without my intervention and of course with real money (I’ll show you how to verify that in a moment).

What I’m about to share with you is a completely radical and automated Forex system that defies most of the “risk” factors you find in Forex trading.

What I mean is that you can trade the Forex markets and…

  1. Avoid high risk trades that can wipe out your account
  2. Avoid grid trading
  3. Avoid martingale trading
  4. Avoid extraordinarily high stops
  5. Avoid long periods of exposed trades

All while still being able to earn a substantial profit.

The more important question is what will make you the most money while trading Forex…

  1. Automated trading (removes emotion from your trading, which you know can easily get in the way of winning)
  2. Trades that last for less than a day on average
  3. Using a dynamic stop loss to cut losses as quickly as possible
  4. Getting into only high probability of success trades (filter out bad opportunities)
  5. Avoiding trades during certain periods of time

Does an automated system that can do all this, make you money, and keep risk down exist? The answer is yes. It’s exactly how I made $35,275.38 in such a short period of time.

In a few moments I’ll show you exactly how you can get your hands on this system and help you get on your way to a successful Forex account like mine, but first let me introduce myself.

Get Dong Price – Scalp Trader PRO on right now!

A Simple Discovery in the Forex Charts
That You NEED to Know About

Scalping when done right in the Forex markets can be one of the most profitable and in some cases safest way to make bucket loads of money.

If you are not familiar with scalping, it is a method of taking trades for short periods of time and taking profits fast, then doing it over and over again.

But there are a few inherent risks and issues with some scalpers making it very difficult to pull off. Not all scalpers are the same.

  1. Some scalpers have no stop loss or too high stop loss.
  2. Some scalpers trade rapidly causing a loss of control that can drain an account within hours if not minutes (a scalper shouldn’t have to trade frequently).
  3. Some scalpers have a very tight stop loss and take profit. Many brokers will slip the trades or have too high spreads causing you to lose many trades that should have been profitable, rendering this type of scalper useless.

Many scalpers don’t work because of those 3 reasons, but my simple discovery within the movement of a trend allowed me to have a breakthrough that nearly eliminates the normal risks of scalping.

What you see in this image is a strong trend that had a temporary pull back, then a continuation of the trend.

If you don’t completely understand what this is, it’s basically the pricing of a currency going in a direction, pausing, then continuing. You don’t need to know how to read this or use this.

All you need to know is that when there is a strong enough trend, it can often have a temporary pullback. This gives the system a chance to profit from the continuation of the trend.

This is done on a lower timeframe in order to pick off quick, accurate, and profitable trades. The strategy I developed monitors, detects, and then trades on this specific pattern to scalp for quick and easy profits with low risk.

From this I developed my automated scalping system for the Forex Markets and I called it…

Scalp Trader PRO is a completely automated Forex trading robot for the Meta Trader 4 platform; this platform is provided by most Forex brokers free of charge.

The robot detects trends on the chart using moving averages, price action, and some other powerful tools. It will ignore weak trends, it will only look for strong trends.

Once there is a certain type of pullback in the other direction, the system will scan it with an intelligent algorithm to determine if it’s temporary and signaling a continuation pattern starting.

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If this is the case it will jump in, and collect profit for you.

Generally, it trades every week, but expect days here and there with no trades. This is normal and smart. Contrary to what new traders think, it’s smarter to not be in the market every single day. This creates unnecessary risk for your account and can cost you profit.

Scalp Trader PRO is meticulous in its analysis of the price movement and will not unnecessarily risk taking a bad trade. And as you know that ended up leading to almost $35,275.38 in pure profit for me in a short period of time with a low risk and low drawdown.

Most scalpers fail where Scalp Trader PRO excels. Let’s have a quick chat about the 5 reasons why Scalp Trader PRO wins when others lose. Here they are…

  1. Scalp Trader PRO maintains a safe and controlled frequency of trading. This means your account balance is protected. Many scalpers are high frequency, usually this just leads to disaster.
  2. Scalp Trader PRO utilizes a special profit lock algorithm to keep winning trades from turning into losing positions. This algorithm uses certain indicators and calculations to determine appropriate times to lock in profits.
  3. Scalp Trader PRO uses a sophisticated exit technology. A stop loss is set as a precaution, but is hardly ever touched due to earlier more fruitful exit opportunities.
  4. Scalp Trader PRO trade exits are not too small that it causes the system to succumb to minor slippage, a problem that many scalpers face.
  5. Scalp Trader PRO maintains a controlled environment while trading. It will trade only during specific volatilities, conditions, and positions of price action. It is not random, rather it is carefully calculated in its trade entries and exits.

If you are not familiar with these terms or uncertain whether you can use this software or not, then let me clear the air…

Scalp Trader PRO is Beginner Friendly

You do not need to have any trading experience and you don’t have to have any major computer or technical skills. It’s easy to install and setup Scalp Trader PRO; you can be up and running within minutes.

After that it’s completely automated, you can be out, working, sleeping, or enjoying time with your family, and it will continue to work for you. No, intervention is required.

Here is how simple it is to get up and running…

Scalp Trader PRO is easy to setup, it has a solid strategy with the primary goal of keeping your account secure with low risk while still raking in a substantial profit.

And you saw the proof that this is all possible. But I want to take this one step further and verify the proof is valid for you with…

This image above, also known as a widget, is directly from a third party verified service called MyfxBook. They verify whether a Forex trading account is a DEMO account or LIVE account.

They verify that the track record is real and valid, and lastly they validate that the user has full control and access over the account.

To verify that my account is valid and verified by MyfxBook, simply click the widget image above. Next, you’ll see something like this…

Here you will see my verified track record, with charts, stats, and trades. All extracted directly from my trading account and verified as real and valid.

Now, if you look at the top you will see the following…

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As you can see on the left it says Real (USD) that means it is on a real account with real money, not a fake DEMO account.

On right side you can see the check mark next to Track Record Verified and Trading Privileges Verified, each with a check means that the account trades and record were verified as valid and that my ability to trade the account is valid.

Now, that you have personally verified with your own eyes that the results from Scalp Trader PRO are real, we should talk about…

Market Conditions

Market conditions are constantly changing every few months. Usually, minor changes, but sometimes major changes.

Often times it is governments adjusting policies and manipulating their currencies. And other times its banks and other big players pushing the market.

Regardless, of the reason, change of market conditions can happen. What is most important is how Scalp Trader PRO adjusts to those changes.

Because of a unique intelligent trading algorithm, Scalp Trader PRO is able to easily navigate changes and adjust.

Let me prove it to you right now…

Scalp Trader PRO Has Worked For Years And
Will Continue To Do So, Here Is Why (PROOF)…

Using 99% quality tick data (this is the highest quality historical data you can get), I tested Scalp Trader PRO going back as far as 10 years. This is important for 2 simple reasons.

  1. These tests show you and me exactly how the software traded if it had been running for 10 years straight with absolutely no intervention.
  2. The Forex markets are constantly changing, over the course of 10 years you can be sure it went through many fluctuations. By thriving and profiting over those 10 years, you can be certain that Scalp Trader PRO can and will adapt to whatever market changes that may be coming.

Let’s take a look at these tests now, simply click on the respective image you want to examine. A box will pop up where you can scroll up and down to examine the results.

BACK TEST #1: 10 Years, Deposit: $1,000, Profit: $496,154.76


BACK TEST #2: 5 Years, Deposit: $1,000, Profit: $239,559.99


Scalp Trader PRO has a unique ability to adapt to the ever changing market conditions. Using a relatively safe risk the system turned just $1,000 into $239,559, and on the other test it turned $1,000 into $496,154.

Now, you’re probably thinking this looks great, but why wouldn’t you just keep this for yourself and run off to a private island and never look back?

Good Question – Why You Can Have A
Copy Of Scalp Trader PRO Today…

There are a few important reasons why I am sharing my software with you.

  1. I do genuinely want to help you, there’s plenty of money to be made in the Forex markets and I don’t have to be greedy about it. There is enough to go around.
  2. I’ve been in a position of not having money, not having work, struggling, hating my job, and so much more, it’s not easy, and if I can help someone out with my system, then I’m not going to hold it back.
  3. My software adapts to the changes in the Forex market, I don’t have to worry about a small chunk of people using my software, and enjoying the profits with me. It won’t cause the software to stop working.

You’ve seen what Scalp Trader PRO can do, its beginner friendly and has adaptive technology for ever changing market conditions. You are now almost ready to access your very own copy, but first let me tell you what’s included.

This Is What’s Included

Scalp Trader PRO License

This license allows you to use the software on any Forex broker account LIVE or DEMO, one at a time. You can change accounts anytime, easily in your members’ area.

Easy Updates

Scalp Trader PRO rarely needs updating, but any updates that I complete you will of course receive absolutely free.

Software & Manual

The easy install software automatically installs Scalp Trader PRO to your broker platform. Then to adjust make minor adjustments such as risk, you can read the manual that has all instructions and details. The software and manual are beginner friendly. Even if you haven’t traded Forex before it will be simple for you.

Customer Support

Scalp Trader PRO is really easy to install and setup.
However, I do understand that you may have questions that arise, and that’s okay I’m happy to help you. That is why I make my assistant and myself available every day around the clock to be there for you!
If you do happen to have any questions, then just send me an e-mail and I’ll answer right away.
Lastly, I have setup a Facebook Group for you to join and chat with other members and myself.

Get Dong Price – Scalp Trader PRO on right now!
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